We fabricate stainless steel, phosphatized, galvalume, and aluminum curbing. Each is custom designed according to unit model number or specifications given. This includes roof curbing and curb adapters. The following are the features pertaining to Roof Curbs:


  • Custom made to each unit model number or specifications given
  • 14” typical height
  • 4" to 6” flange at the base for roof sealing requirements
  • Solid welded seams
  • Rigid Internal rails for supply and return air plenums
  • Pitched to roof slope
  • G90 galvanized steel construction 18GA up to 10GA thickness (dependant on the unit size)


  • Insulated with 1 inch insulation
  • Height adjusted as required per client
  • Integrated ribs for R panel and  standing seam to match metal roof
  • Treated Wood nailer
  • Cricket for water diversion